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Wales is a country in southwest Great Britain known for its rugged coastline,  mountainous national parks, distinctive Welsh language, and Celtic culture. Cardiff, the capital, is a refined coastal city with a nightlife scene and a medieval castle with ornate Gothic Revival interiors. 


The largest city of Wales and its capital is Cardiff. Llandudno is a very famous tourist spot there which is very popular among the locals there. Let's know more about Wales. Llandudno is in North Wales and is a famous tourist attraction. Many locals and people from outside come to spend the holidays in Llandudno, And in summer this tourist spot remains very popular for locals and people from outside. 


Wales is a country in the western part of the United Kingdom, It's total area is about 21000

square kilometers and its population is about 32 lac. The citizens there are called Welsh. The capital

of Wales is Cardiff and the currency is the pound sterling. While most people use the English language in

Wales, the official language here is both Welsh and English. About 60% of people in Wales are Christians.

Human civilization was settled thousands of years ago, but the people of Wales gained a national

identity after the departure of Romans in the fifth century. There is also another tourist attraction

which is Llandudno Pier.


Speaking of politics, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II is Queen of Wales, And the first minister is Mark Drakeford. 40 out of 650 members of the UK parliament come from Wales. 

A separate Parliament was established for Wales in 1999, which gave Wales the power to spend the budget it received, But even then the UK Parliament retained the right to set spending limits. 

Wales athletes play for the UK team at the Olympic Games but in many international sports matches such as the FIFA World Cup, Rugby World Cup, and the Commonwealth Games Wales have their own national team participating. 

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