North Korea Facts & Myths and more information related to travel

Hello guys, Today we are talking about North Korea The Country Which is Famous for Its Rules and Regulations and a Mystery for the whole world. 

Many YouTubers uploaded videos in which they talked about the myths of North Korea. Let's talk about the Myths and Facts of North Korea. There is a Common Myth about North Korea that is its people/citizens can't go outside their country which is totally false the people of North Korea can go outside their country anytime they want. 

The Real name of North Korea is the Democratic People's Republic Of Korea. in short known as DPRK. The Capital Of North Korea is Pyongyang. If you want to go to North Korea the only way is from China, By air you may go from Beijing(Capital Of China) and it takes 2 hours to reach the Capital Of North Korea 'Pyongyang. and By Train it's a 6 hours journey from China's Dadong city to reach 'Pyongyang'.

You are not allowed to travel to North Korea by yourself. You'll need to book a tour package only with recommended tour agency by the North Korean Government. North Korean visa can be only applied by recommended travel agency of North Korea. and your visa will be hand over to you at the airport or railway station before you travel to North Korea.

North Korea tour package cost for 5 days from China will take 2 lac to 2.75 lac Pakistani rupees. Travel cost from China to North Korea includes Food, accommodation, transportation and sightseeing. The currency of DPRK is won. Tourists are not allowed to use local currency. Tourists can use Chinese currency, Euro and USD. 

Even if you are visiting alone to North Korea you will get two Korean guides with you. Tourists are not allowed to go outside without a Korean guide. 

At the Border of South Korea and North Korea there is an area known as DMZ means Demilitarized zone. This place is made to resolve or untangle their mutual concern or issues with help of  Leaders of both countries. In North Korea you are not allowed to take pictures of Army, Police or any construction site. You can take pictures with army men of DPRK only in DMZ.

There is another myth about North Korea that you are not allowed to talk with local people that is also not true.

DPRK is having their own calendar according to their hon'ble President Kim ILL Sung's Birth Date. But it's not compulsory that you live according to that calendar. Their calendar is based on the birth date of the First President of North Korea President Kim ILL Sung. President Kim ILL Sung was born in 1912. From his 3rd death anniversary in 1997, North Korea is using JUCHE Calender. North Korean government works according to Juche calendar. 

There is another myth about North Korea that all houses should be in grey colour and it's compulsory that they must keep photos of their President and General.  But it's not true homes in North Korea are of different colours too but most of the Government buildings are in grey colour and it has photo of their leaders. 

Homes and outer maintenance facilities can only be provided by the government of DPRK to their citizens. Citizen can pay only electricity charges and water bills. And surprisingly it's very cheap.

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