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Melbourne City:- 

Melbourne is one of Australia's Big Cities. The time of Melbourne is 5 hours ahead of Pakistan. Melbourne is the capital of the state of Victoria in Australia and is the second-largest city in Australia by population. The population there is around Five million, While Melbourne is the third-largest city in Australia, By area, its area is 9990 square kilometers. Melbourne ranks among the top five cities in the world by living. 

Cook's Cottage:-

Cook's Cottage was build in England in 1755 AD by Captain James Cook's parents, In which Captain James Cook once lived.  Australia was discovered in 1770 AD By Captain James Cook's team. In 1934, this house was bought by Sir Russell Grimwade in England for 800 pounds in an auction. Which was packed by Brick by Brick and brought to Australia from England by Ship. Sir Russell Grimwade was an Australian chemist.


If you are coming to Australia, do not come city by car then it will be better Because you will not know many rules and regulations of traffic and you may have problems. The city center is about 28 kilometers from Melbourne Airport. and if you are more than 2 people, the best way to get from the airport to the city center is a taxi which costs around 50 to 60 AUD. The bus from to the city center is also available, with a fare of around 20 AUD per person.


If you are looking for desi food in Melbourne, then there is a restaurant named Desi Dhaba, which is on flinders street of Melbourne, It is very famous because the Flinder station is also very famous here, The entire downtown area is around Flinders Station. If you have to take a hotel and you came as Tourist, then take the hotel around the Flinder Station so that you can see all the excursions and tourist spots easily If you want to come to this restaurant "Desi Dhaba", Russell Street stop number 6 tram station Just in front of it is the Desi Dhaba on 134 Flinder street.

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