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 Liverpool city whose official name is Liverpool Maritime Mercantile City is Located in the Mersey County of North West England. The name Liverpool comes from the Old English language, In which liver means thick or muddy water And Pol means Pool or canal. In Liverpool, The Bus Fare is 2.30 pounds which is more than 500PKR, So for 2.30 pounds, you can travel anywhere on the bus whether you land at the first stop or at the last.

Liverpool is the 9th largest district in England by population, Where the population is about 5 Lac and its area is about 112 square kilometers. The original inhabitants of Liverpool are also known as Liverpudlian and Scousers. Scouse is kind of a Stew Food which was very popular among the sailors and traders who came here. The local language of Liverpool is also called Scouse. Liverpool comes in sixth place in the UK's Most Visited Cities and Liverpool has the highest number of art gallery museum listed buildings and parks after the capital of England, London.

Buses service is very good in Liverpool because the bus is getting very frequently on the route. Apart from Uber, there is another taxi service called Alpha Taxi So it can also be used if you do not want to use Uber. So Liverpool has a bus, taxi, metro, The rail here is called Merseyrail in Liverpool, So here the Merseyrail ticket can be taken from both cash and card, The ticket machine is also installed, Ticket can be taken from the machine and can also be taken from the counter. The rate of hair cut there is 12 pounds equal to approx. 2700pkr.

Early in 1851, Liverpool was named The New York Europe because at the end of the 19th century and by the beginning of the twentieth-century people from all parts of Europe emigrated to Liverpool and here different cultures started being incorporated. According to the 2011 census, about 85% of Liverpool's population is white British and the remaining 15% consists of Asians, Africans, and other ethnic groups. The city of Liverpool is home to the UK's Oldest Black People Community, Which was established in 1730. In 2008, The city of Liverpool was named the European Capital of Culture. Liverpool was a major port of England in the 19th century, Which was the main source of British and Irish immigrants to North America along with trade and Liverpool's wealth at that time was more than London's. The Titanic ship which sank on 15 April 1912 due to an iceberg was also registered in Liverpool, Whose company name was White Star Line. the intercity railway between Liverpool and Manchester on 15 September 1830 was the world's first scheduled passenger railway line, and the first railway tunnel in the world was build in Liverpool from 1829 to 1836. The world's first passenger helicopter service also started between Liverpool and Cardiff between 1950 and 1951. A model of Jaguar Land Rover Company's successful car Range Rover Evoque was also assembled in Liverpool. The world's first blind school, The Mechanic Institue Girls' High School Council House, Juvenile court, Lifeboat Station, Cancer Research Center, was also established in Liverpool Many more inventions, such as anesthesia, was invented in Liverpool

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